Yesterday I had a great start to the day. Gina, who writes articles for Famme.nl asked me if she could use a photo of See-Me Kids for an article she was writing.
She was working on a list of sustainable children’s clothing brands and wanted to mention See-Me Kids in it.

The article was published this morning and includes a list of 12 great sustainable Dutch children’s clothing brands.

12 x duurzame kinderkledingmerken van eigen bodem waar je verantwoord hippe kleding kunt shoppen voor je kiddo


My first thought was: How cool is this! I am very proud that See-Me Kids made it to a list of 12 Dutch sustainable children’s clothing brands.

I would say enjoy reading, but if you can’t understand the language then it’s going to be difficult since it’s written in Dutch.
Luckily, the 12 brands are mentioned with photos and a link to their websites and Instagram.